Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The weight loss post.

Weight loss is hard. It is very trying and there are tons of things that have to be considered before hand. I see a lot of Gals blogging about it, but mine is a rather on going problem. I know how to do the work, and what I must do. But my struggles lie mostly with food. While my body hasn't rejected all forms of unhealthy food. I am proud to say that soda and overly processed candy are things that I can give up. I know where I can get my need for fizz and sweet, without sacrificing. Now I do not diet. Dieting is stupid. I prefer the lifestyle change, which honestly I'm trying to impose on my family. My mother especially since she wants to lose weight. But she has to make the transition on her own.

At current I am 220 lbs..just 4 lbs away from my highest which was about 4 years ago. It only recently began going back and I refused to be this heavy. Having a job now should help with some of that. Even if it's only part time. I'm on my feet for at least 5 hours a day. With pay day coming up I have some things I need to get. Including Arch supports. Right now this is probably the biggest need for exercise. I am very flat footed which makes cardio rather difficult to get through. And at the end of a work day my heels hurt for hours. Being heavy and being flat footed is really a terrible combination. And unless we have water bottles in the house. I don't even bother with water.

The reason food remains a problem is poor eating habits. When I had the leisure of going to bed at 3 and 4 in the morning there was no question I was eating something late. Usually between 12-2. Not to mention my dad always keeps cookies or donuts in the house....which is probably my biggest weakness. And I typically would typically eat them at the computer.

So how will I be fixing this....Now because I'm considerably over weight I do have a goal. But I'm deciding not to list it because I'm older and I don't know how my body will look. Not to mention I don't want to start burning myself out the way I did years ago. I would do mostly morning workouts, but having to be at work at 9 some days, that's cutting it close to do a work out at 8 in the morning. So a workout afterward won't be hard. Any days I work later than 9 and it's possible for me to do at least a 30 minute work out. In total I would love to do 1-2 hours of working out. I have plenty of workout vids and I learned that soon a bellydance class will be taught at the rec. center near my house. Love bellydance. I know cardio is really the best for burning fat, even if I can't get some jogging in, which I would only do if my brother comes with me. Dancing and youtube is really my best friend. Because of my body type ( which is adrenal) A lot of my issues also stem from stress and not enough sleep. I am supposed to actually get 9 hours of sleep but it's very difficult even if I go to bed at a decent time. I can usually wake up with just 6 hours without my alarm. Lately I'm getting 7 to 8 hours. If I can sacrafice my eleven o'clock tv time I can get about 9 hours.

The food situation...I'm most likely going to have for go having at least red meat before dinner time. I just have to find recipes that are good and healthy. I only get a 15 minute break at work so I also need quick meals. And I need to stop with the white bread. It's really terrible. But because my family is frugal ( not to mention they really just seem to like white bread.) So I'm gonna have to take at least 100 dollars at some point and just buy enough mostly for err, break food which could be lunch or dinner. And There are a lot of flavors I want to try . I also need to get on with doing some meditation and yoga, I am not as flexible as I used to be. My mind is always racing too, and I need to take time for it to be quiet and relax.

Plan of Action. 

  • Get a britta filter water bottle for daily use
  • Occasionally treat myself with home made sweets or dark chocolate. 
  • Work out 2 hours a day. 
  • Make sure to cook a meal at least 2 hours in advance for work purposes. 
  • Eat more Fruits and Veggies
  • No more koolaid or powdered "drinks." 
  • Raw Sugar and Stevia
  • Goat's milk and Almond milk
  • Learn to go to bed earlier
  • Yoga and meditation daily 

This seems like I won't have much time to myself to be honest. Minus days off. And I know there won't be many of those when I start school. But it takes 21 days to form a habit. So I gotta get to work on this asap. 

Goal: Honestly I just want to be fit and healthy. I'm not gonna set a number goal in terms of weight or even body fat percentage. Well not publicly. It's in my mind already. And I hope to reach it. 

Current Status: Struggling but trying to keep up with at least weight lifting, till I get get my arch supports. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

College Prep

Alright this post is just as it states. Now College will start in fall and I'm not sure how work and college will work out. I know people do it but I'm not registered for classes yet. Needless to say I need not only new clothes but I need more up to date equipment. This is to keep me more organized since I've found another tablet that I sorta want...Not a cintiq....I can'd even begin to afford that not even an intuos 5 which would be nice but 800 bucks. I probably could get it when I start doing commissions. Anyways Let's start with my art needs.

A desktop. The HP Omni has pretty good reviews and is the least expensive option, with a 500 GB hard drive. I've never had my own hard drive, but my experience with space on a hard drive...definitely need more than I currently have on this laptop. This of course will be great for working at home and without having a hot ass box ( read: tower) under my desk. It's streamline and doesn't take up too much room which is another plus for me.

The Acer Aspire AS7250-3821. Now I know I have a laptop...and while the one I have is good for basic things, internet search and word pad etc. etc. It probably wouldn't be the best for college work. I simply don't have the room on my laptop for everything. I can't keep too much music on here and because I tend to multi-task with internet and my drawing programs ( when I had my tablet) It took a lot out of my laptop. The task manager said otherwise, but I go by what I see happening and not always what my task manager says. Not to mention my current laptop only has windows xp, which is fab, but not for college and since I have no doubt I'll probably need programs like photoshop, flash and various others. A new one would probably workout for the better.

The Wacome Bamboo. It's bigger, great reviews and comes witht the following programs
  • Corel Painter Essentials 
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Express
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 WE3
  • Definitely looking forward to this. The pen also looks a lot more stable, but still will have to treat it with care. It's under 200 so I can't complain too much. Most likely will have this before I get the new laptop or desktop. 

The other things I need, I'm not really gonna get pictures of. Which really all I need are some sketch books. A sharpener for my prisma color pencils and a blender. Rulers maybe some new bristol boards and if I'm lucky some A4 paper. I may invest in my own printer at some point. Only because it would be less of a hassle. Of course it would be an all in one printer. -shrugs- 

Now onto the fashion part. The idea is that I won't have to throw out the entirety of my closet. Since September is like 5 months away and I'm trying to lose weight I have clothes I can still wear...now the problem is are they...gyaru worthy. Winter is almost a given that I'll wear mostly black because of the weather. Which is great for Goth gyaru. But I want to amp it up a little more. The other problem...my job. Not that it's a problem, but there is a dress code I have to follow, which isn't hard, it's just this is going to be a first for me. The last time I had a job, I never did anything before I actually had to go to work so I was always in either pajamas or pulled on whatever if I had to go somewhere before hand. This also means I'll probably have less days to work, most of them I'm sure will be days I don't have school depending on what that schedule looks like. Can gothic amekaji be a thing? lol. I have an idea of what I can do coord wise, just to be simple and warm. So I will basically be looking at styling.

Long T-shirts are fun, Modifying one that's already made
is a lot easier than making one from scratch.
This would be more in the beginning of fall but it's easy to pull off and not a hard coord at all.  Not exactly that shirt but you get the idea. 
These would be great, because they can don't take up much room so long as they're folded and put away. It's just making sure they're not too plain. I don't know if a print would be particularly good for this type of shirt, but giving it maybe some iron on designs. 

Hell even an applique would be nice depending on what it is. 

It really depends on personal choices and tastes. I'm sure not everyone will like them and there will be a couple of "This is not Gyaru." But come on not everyone can fit name brand and while it would be lovely to own a piece or two. I don't need a closet of name brand clothes wearing me, thank you very much. 

These are skinnies, but they are sweet and them boots...I need them stat. But I like this styling. Especially when it's paired with over sized tops or tunics. Solids and certain prints are always in when it comes to skinnies, leggings and yes even jeggings. I've seen bottom weight fabrics in stripes and some florals. 

Really like harem pants. Though I think they usually look better with sandals, I'm sure some mid calf boots would go great with them.  Yes they're a little summery but considering the weather has been weird they'll be good for the beginning of fall or just be made with a more cool weather fabric. And while jeans are always good to have in the closet. I don't want a closet full of them either. I don't know if I'm a fan of jeans with rips in them, so I really need a few pair in different washes and I should be good. I need to see what else can be worn with them though. I know form fitting tops look great with harem pants, but their should be other options. 

This is actually pretty damn clever. I've never tried layering like this before. 
I really like the look of layered clothing. And it's something I would like to try. Though I think this would be better for himekaji and probably gothic gyaru. It's still really nice. 

I really want all their outfits, but Fiona first. Love the hoodie.
Big bunny ears and all.
But as seen with Fiona in the middle there ( which I have every intention of making a similar hoodie) it can be done. There are plenty of options, and the length Fiona is wearing is about tunic length, which is great to wear with leggings, skinnies, or jeggings as well as regular jeans. Any shorter and it could be worn with a cute skirt or a nice pair of shorts...Stocking and otks would be necessary for the cooler weather. I would like to be cute, fashionable and warm, lol. 

Another good look for fall even though I would probably wear more jewel toned colors for the season. And as a project I'm gonna attempt knitting a Ski hat wit a big pompom on top. Should I attempt stitching some words into it? Dunno. I'll ask my friend Terri about mapping out patterns or stuff like that. She has more experience than I do. I will probably alternate between wigs and such. I think I only get away with my undercut now because it has grown in a little since my last shave which was probably 3 weeks ago. But it'll be cool and shaved head + cold air is not really fun at all. But I'm looking forward to the up coming projects. And I could get everything done before fall so long as I'm consistent. Anything involving skirts and dresses or anything over the top will probably be left for outings with friends . Also though I have in mind some circle coats I want to do. Saw some cute Giraffe fleece ( I know that's more udoli but I love giraffe print.) And For me, Even though I can buy clothes and probably will when I find some I really like. Making them is so much more exciting. 

Manaka is fierce!
But All in all if it isn't something I can sew unless it's just really that fab or I can't decipher how I could sew it, I am sure a good chunk of my wardrobe will be handmade. I just wish I had a bigger closet. I need to go through my shoes. I have lots of heels which is not a problem to me, but I do need some more flat shoes. Some of the fancier boots that I like are upwards of 200 dollars...which is real splurge if you ask me. And maybe just once I will though I know my mom wouldn't understand it for sure. 
I think I'll make a list for myself just to keep track of projects. Jegging/leggings won't take long or much space since I don't have to put them in my closet. It's just a matter of getting the fabric and when I lose weight I can always take them in. The hoodies and coats will require a little more work but Aren't difficult to make either. These items aren't new to me. Making dresses.. if it ain't something that stretches and doesn't require a particular cut. They are quite a task to take on. At least cutting an pinning. The sewing part is a little easier. Hemming is just a pain in the ass however. Especially if you're like me and I like things that flow and hang nicely. But all the clothes in the world won't look complete without accessories. Jewelry I try to keep as simple as possible. I don't have too many things with like rhinestones and stuff. Mostly because too much can be a bad thing. And the point of the gyaru is to be free, fun, sexy ( whatever that means lol), and unique, without looking cheap, guady, ratchet or taudry. And it's a really fine line you're walking there. Having mirror will also be your best friend. But Jewelry has never been something that I went over the top with. I hardly wear more than a necklace or two at a time when I do wear them. Same with bracelets. The only jewelry I wear more of that isn't a piercing are my rings. Two is the standard, but I will wear more if I feel they will complete a look. I have my eye on a piece of jewelry I saw at T.J Max. A Hand of Fatima to be exact. It had some...I'm gonna say either rhinestones or cubic zarconia on it. Simply beautiful. 

Next weekend I'll be posting about my workout regimen. It's still forming. Right now it's mostly strength training because of my flat feet. I need arch supports to lessen the pain of cardio. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Alright as I stated in a previous post I would show you the evolution of my hair and makeup. I decided doing it all in one fell swoop would be easier than trying to do two separate ones. Man going through these old photos.... 

So the first batch were the last of me having dreadlocks and after I cut them off I needed a wig which my friend helped me do :3. 
I only had my nostril pierced so I was probably about 19 here. I was  really into Kat Von D's  face tattoos. I did them with liquid liner . I stopped when other people started doing it. 

This was the first quick weave I ever had. I don't have that bunny barrette anymore.  And apparently not smiling was a thing for me. ( Not that I was happy to begin with.) I was still just barely grasping makeup. 

I was also very into scene hair/style so the back is teased and I have one of those little crowns. 

I was probably about 19 or 20 here. I didn't wear my wig anymore since I got my first flat iron. I was still drawing stars at this point. Still no smile. 

You can see my fuzzy leg warmers in the background. That fringe from the first  picture is very much present.

From 20 to 21. By now you should know I was a bit of a cam whore. I was over weight ( though from these pictures you can't really tell.) But I was fairly uncomfortable with taking full body shots. 
I think I stopped with the face " tattoos" after I turned 21 but I was about 20 here.
My eyeliner was pretty good here. And the Bat necklace was from my mama. And I wore it everyday. 

I think was probably the first wig I bought. Pastel colors are easier  for me to pull off. And I believe those are my first lashes. I still have that stuffed Lamb who had been affectionately named Ruka. 

This is a wig I made. I was working at the time. And this was a day off.  Those are my reading glasses, which I managed to lose....Not sure how. 

This wasn't my wig, at an ex-friend's house. I was a big fan of pink eye shadow .
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This was my not my 21 first birthday but I was of age and if I'm not mistaken  going to my first drag show...Yes that is my friend in Drag behind me.

This was 22 through perhaps 23
I had gone to otakon, gotten my first tattoo, Managed to mess up my favorite wig, Made another wig and wore some rather curious things. 

 Not my bathroom, I didn't even realize it was in the picture before I posted it....least it's clean.
 This would have been a lot better if it wasn't blurry, but that was a poorly made dress. I am not even gonna front about this.
 Sort've smiling here.

This was pretty okay, makeup style wise...I was terrible at cutting bangs, but I still like it. This was even before circle lenses.

 The last two are the only full body shots I have from back then...and I don't even know what to tell you. I am really busty... and had the poorest sewing skills among other things.. I lost a lot of clothes that I really wish I had, they got lost in the move. 
Gonna show you the best pictures from the time before the move.

I really love these two photos. ( And I miss the hoodie and this jacket) But I had a lot better grasp on makeup by now. I hardly wore a full lash band if I wore lashes at all. I had stayed with just wearing gloss mostly. But I really enjoy these a lot. 

 Now this was months before the move. I was into Udoli ( which I still love just haven't done). I still have this hat. Makeup wasn't perfect but worlds better than when I started. ( I wish I had some of my makeup looks from high school. ) 

 Udoli makeup after the move. I still straightened my hair then. It was just about shoulder length. I cut my own bangs too. 

 This was either before or when I was working.  The one below I was working for sure. Only way I could afford some of my oddities. 

I was 22 in all these photos. Putting on makeup and taking pictures was the only pastime I had since I didn't have my own computer. 

This was my earliest attempt at gryaru. 

I really enjoy doing different looks. Again pastel wigs always suited me better. I'm sure I could wear other darker colors but I hate wasting money on wigs if they won't suit me. 

This was actually the second time I had cut my hair. I had wanted to reduce my use of heat when doing my hair but I was also very new to doing natural hairstyles. 
More Udoli makeup. I think this was my favorite. 

 Ushering in 2011 I actually had an Amy Winehouse wig and was chit chatting with a friend from NC. 
I look bored but I wasn't lol. Not Udoli makeup 

2011 was when I really did my makeup well. I want to apologize to anyone of latin descent. I was ignorant to the phrase Cultural Appropriation when I did this Sugar Skull makeup. Even though I really like it. But I had watched endless vids on doing makeup and was determined to be able to do the basics. As well as the extreme. 

 This is from 2012 if I'm not mistaken. I was on unemployment so I bought myself some clothes. This was probably the only full body shot I had really taken. Though for my particular body shape these weren't the best choices. But I don't look bad either. And apparently I had on one of my better bras. 

I was getting more into Gyaru makeup by now. Trying my best to get the makeup down. I had no photoshop and quite frankly I don't think I need it. Even for the blemishes I sometimes get. I am very much a fan of circle lenses and have quite a few pair over the last few years. Brown, Green, Pink, Purple and Gray. I've had a black pair but they made me look high or something. But so far I've worn these colors well, especially the grey ones. I will be getting more in the future. 

Now I've only got one from this year so far. But it's posted on my blog already haha. 

Hoping to have more looks beyond just hair and makeup.