Monday, May 27, 2013

So I've been shopping > u>

I really enjoy having money to spend. I try o be as frugal as possible. It can be quite difficult. Between things I need to buy and of course the wants. It's a struggle. But I'm getting better. My account wasn't a 0 so that's great. And it's not been at 0 since I opened the account. Direct deposit has finally kicked in, but I'm probably gonna have to call them about that 100 that was supposed to go in there for opening an account and setting up direct deposit. Anyway onward with the good stuff. eBay is still addictive. Though I'm worlds better I still have a ways to go. Also target is hard to pass up. I actually bought some clothes....well one piece of clothing. I have a love hate relationship with buying clothes in a store since I'm horrendously frugal when it comes to clothes. But I'm opening my mind to new things. That I've openly stated my dislike for.

Starting with a clutch. Now I really dislike having such a small bag, but I'm aware that some situations will call for it. This little gothic bag is sweet though. It's not too small it can hold the essentials and maybe even a makeup bag. But it's not as large as my smallest purse. I had been eyeing the bag for awhile and was happy that I could finally get my hands on one.

Details of the handles. Cannot wait to take this bag out. 

Yes that is the watch and earrings from my last post. but we're
gonna focus on the glasses in the back. 
Next are my little gothic sunnies. Now I actually bought these a few weeks ago. These would be great if the frames were silver. But gold and silver can be worn together. Nu goth is probably what comes to mind or very old school goth, maybe late 80's early 90's And they're mine. Only 5 bucks.

And here we have a peplum skirt...Now I was originally going to make one. I desperately dislike them. Like... you have no idea. All I see is a double skirt happening. But I decided to give it a try. It would be well suited for Onee gyaru. whether classic or something with a little twist. I did try it on when I got home. And it looks...really good on me. Not that I was surprised. It's just my dislike of the peplum itself. Maybe one day I'll grow to love them.

Just a snippet of the pattern and the little border towards
the Bottom. It's longer than picture and shirred
at the top. 
                                                                         With summer lurking around the corner. I expect to work most of it, however for the days I can go out. I need some cute wear for the summer. So from my job I bought this cute instant wear fabric in orange. I'm a nerd so all I see are airbender colors lol. But This will be more than a dress. though. With the shirring I can wear it as a dress, a skirt. But few other ways. . I am going to put buttons on the front and back, so I can convert it to pants. Depending on how I wear it, it can be a romper. Wide leg pants, Harem/Afghani pants. I've a few more things to make it such. Psyched about this.

As always some jewelry. Got these earrings on clearance. They're so nice. Gold since that is the summer color and it will go nicely with the orange multi-function piece when it's all done. The detail reminds me a lot Journey and something slightly religious.

Can I say I really fucking love E.L.F products. I got a couple new things to try. And will be doing reviews on  them asap. Definitely think the mascara and shadow shield will def be helpful. Also picked up some more fit me foundation, which is just a shade lighter. This is entirely for doing Gothic makeup. It will def be used a lot it in winter.

I've also managed to get some cowboy boots. I adore them. but not the color. So I intend to paint them, maybe make them a little darker. Maybe mahogany. We'll see. Even Black would nice. They were only 26 at Marshalls. I almost got some more pallets by E.L.F. from there as well. But with some makeup on the way plus my recent purchases...They can wait. Next week will be more for definite needs. And Marshalls did not disappoint and I'll be going back next week.

Now to keep this more fun. I 've got some funnels which are much needed to finish my kombucha which at this point is alcohol and will be great for my days off. I've also discovered how to make other fermented drinks which I look forward to making. Thank goodness I love ginger lol.

One of my other good gets is my gym membership, I haven't gone yet aside from picking up my tag. Need to figure out a schedule  on going there for the time being. When school hits, it'll just be a matter of careful planning.

 Until the next time Gals. Birthday is coming up soon and I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A big post about love and stuff.

At the beginning of the year I decided to not really pursue the man that I really really really liked and still really adore. But I needed a break from the craziness and not seeing what results I expected...and not only what I expected but even a friend and her boyfriend had expected. We all thought it would go better than what is actually happening. Although I don't think he's aware. That I've stopped but at the moment he has been going through some stuff and all I can do is be supportive.

But I also decided to take time away from something I've not even truly experienced. Part of it is because I realized I didn't love almost at all. It's barely a spark of agape, but it's been better this year. I'm following through with a lot o what I need to get done for myself. Slowly but surely. I'm registered for school full time. I have a part-time job and I'm getting better at spending my money. While  there are still things I need and things I need to nip you in the butt, it's better. I was at a point where I felt like maybe I could love myself more if I knew someone else could love me. Which is the worst way to go about things. Don't get me wrong. The man I'm speaking of.... he really meets a lot of what I would want in a mate. Sure he says and does some things that pisses me off, but no one's perfect and I can't get hung on 2 fucking percent. They're not major things either. But he is someone I get along with so well and is into a lot of what I am and shares similar quirks.

But I know some of his insecurities as well and his fears, and I can't change them. It's something that he has to do...and if you're wondering. I do think we fit together very nicely.

This year though I have to focus on other things. I don't know if I will date and really don't know if I could handle it. The idea is enough to make me anxious. I would love to, but I don't have the confidence or enough skill in that area. I didn't date in high school and chasing boys....I need a man, not a boy. I'm 26. Not rushing to get married, but definitely don't know if I have the patience to deal with...just dating different people. Because there is a difference between dating and going steady/being in a relationship type dating.

It's a process and I don't think I can say I envy girls who can just pull any guy they want. Or who've been in different relationships. I just am the type of person that right now I want to meet that one person who I can just be with.  I sound like I'm rambling, but it's what's going on with me and the realm of love.

I am focusing on self-love before I focus on love from another person.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Social life beginnings.

So I have been enjoying my job immensely even with the occasionally persnickety/weird/crazy customer. But my co-workers are rather enjoyable to be around. I've been there a month already. ( Can't believe it's been that long already.) So my second month there would fall on my birthday.

Of course with a job also comes a paycheck. Which I've been slightly better at holding on to my money. Now if I were to work full-time I'd probably have a lot more than what I currently get, but they only were offering part-time's all gravy for now. But Friday was the first time I've hung out with a friend in probably....a year or two...which is really a long time to not see anyone. Most of my social interactions are done online, so this was a nice change of pace. I didn't get all fancy because I went right after work and had no time. I didn't even have a camera on me and my phone time I'll remember to keep my charger on me when I'm gonna be going out. So Friday I went to the Willingboro Mart with my friend Rehannah and her friend Anthony ( yay for new friends.) He's pretty cool, and has that randomness that is tolerable, singing random game tunes, imitating voices from shows. My kind of people lol. Got a few things from Mart as well. Let's just say that I spent more than I had intended to, because those little things add up. But what can I say. I need some of them. Never got around to going to Target. I needed to get some hopefully next payday that will happen. -crosses fingers- I also got some sweets from the Amish since they're in the mart almost all the time...They make the best fucking red velvet cake ever. It doesn't have that weird after taste that most red velvet cakes have. Also picked up a Michonne figurine for my mom for mother's day.

After leaving the mart, we headed to Tokyo Blue. It's a nice little Japanese restaurant and for the first time in forever I could actually pay for my own food that wasn't like McDonalds. They had pink lemonade which was quite awesome. I really enjoy lemonade. Rehannah and Anthony both had green tea. The meals were quite delish. Again I was the odd man out with appetizers. The only one with soup lol. But I love Miso soup. And that bow was so perfect even if I mostly ate the broth. I kinda can't wrap my head around eating just tofu if it isn't mixed in some way. And I didn't eat the seaweed. I should have though. Everyone had something different when it came to the main meal, but we all shared. Rehannah had Chicken Katsu. Which I need to learn how to make...because it was delicious. Light, but still crispy. Not greasy at all. Anthony had Shrimp Yakisoba. Now...I wasn't a big fan of the shrimp...which is odd because I really do like shrimp. Something about the way it was flavored. Me I had beef teriyaki. Now I asked for Medium well...what I got was medium rare. I could have sent it back, but I didn't want to make big fuss and I ain't sick or dead from eating medium rare. I have to say it was quite different. But it was tender and flavorful. It wasn't a sweet teriyaki like I make at home, but still enjoyable.

For dessert we all had tempura banana and ice cream. I can't really get behind green tea ice cream as I've been put off by the idea on a couple of occasions, but it was pretty good with Vanilla. But it was almost too much banana.

We went back to Rehannah's house afterward. Watched a couple movies. Iron Sky was...interesting. It wasn't the worse in the world but it was a wtf kind of movie. The ending was best though.
Then we watched The Bodyguard which was an action/comedy movie. I cannot for the life of me remember where it hails from country wise. It was pretty good though.

Now there was also anime...I don't know what day we are doing this, but we watched squid girl...and her mannerisms are sea/squid related. ( Stuff like inkvasion and oh my squid.) We have now decided we're gonna have a night where we take shots for every one of those she does. Which means we're gonna be fucked up. I am almost gonna propose I go over on a Thursday night just so I can drink without worry.
Managed to live through 5 minutes of Hetalia....I don't even know what the fuck is happening in that anime. It's I can't. How it became popular is beyond me.

Guin Saga....was interesting. It's about some twin children ( Prince and  Princess) and they're on a quest to bring sovereignty to their country once more. So far they've met up with a man who has a leopard's head. The prince is a pansy and a half. I understand they're children and all, but, he does a lot of whining.

Saturday I went to walmart with my parents. Picked up some things. And started breaking in my new sneakers. Love them so much. Also went to The supermarket. Picked up some whole grain bread, synergy and some seven day candles. After all this I'm not broke lol. Even though I had some things on ebay I had to pay for and even signed up for a gym. The money I can that I don't have much of. My savings are all good though. Debating on whether or not I want to get a credit card. Maybe I'll get one on my birthday.

New phone. 

new earrings 

new watch 

I bought two boxes of these. They're an indulgence. Thin as hell and so yummy 

Everything but the mouth wash is all natural. Will be doing reviews on the mouth wash
and the conditioner. 

New incense. Charcoal discs and one of the black candles. 

I look forward to what I'm sure will be my newest addiction. 

New Glam Pie Sneakers and some Ivory wedges my mother bought me . 

New work out shorts. An infinity scarf and a skull bandanna. 

Okay so these are all handmade. These are my leggings. I really had fun making them. They're almost complete. The purple and black pair need to be hemmed and need elastic. The blue ones have to have a gusset added ( they were the first pair I made so they had the most mistakes.)

I also have some new sunglasses which will be featured in another post.