Sunday, June 23, 2013

I have a couple posts coming up soon.

Sorry for the non-activeness. But work drains my energy and I have lazy. Will be posting soon though so please stay-tuned.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breaking and Making some rules.

So I have most definitely decided to do Hime gyaru. I may have said this some posts back, but I'm gonna go a bit more into depth. I really do enjoy the aesthetic and lovely dresses. Though it isn't really an everyday type of thing. However the idea of all that shiny fabric for dresses ain't gonna fly. And can be highly unflattering. And There is also trying to distinguish what would be considered Hime Gyaru enough. I do intend to break a few rules. It's not about being a rebel or anything like that. It's about being able to wear clothes that are flattering. Now I know Petticoats are not really a thing for Hime Gyaru. Just a personal preference. I like the poof. And I think it can easily pass as one fashion or another. I prefer a non OTT style as well. I think simplicity is can still be elegant, and the dramatic pieces should be left to one or two things in particular. i.e dramatic hair and maybe some heavier makeup. But 3 billion bows is much...well that's an exaggeration of course, but sometimes that many bows is really fucking tacky and you end up looking like a fool. This of course is just my personal opinion I also have to think about the lengths of my skirts and dresses. Too short and with my err current weight....I would definitely be asking for it in terms of  being blasted out on the street and in the online community.

Hair is also another concern of mine....or more appropriately a place where I'll probably break some rules. I have an undercut which can be a little challenging. Summer is pretty much a no with me and wigs right now. It'll be way too damn hot to even do anything beyond maybe a photoshoot. Not to mention getting it to stay in position would be kinda challenging.  Now I can work around this with a weave more or less. Plenty of ways to protect my hair and still have something to play with. But I won't have the traditional hime gyaru hairstyles. While it is obviously a more recognizable, It isn't for everyone, and 5 hair pieces is not my idea of fun. And I want to be able to do hair that isn't gonna take entirely too long to do on a regular basis. Yes not very Gyaru of me, but I'm for practicality and ease in as many places as possible. If I can make my hair less of a task I can put more effort into other places. Like my make up. Which isn't terrible, but right now it'll probably be something that takes me a little longer to do. And considering at this stage in my life where I have a standard wear at my job which I can't really change. Even if I make it look work apron isn't cute lol. And I don't know if I could get away with altering it or something.

Now to make this post less texty here are some clothing inspirations :3

I know some of these are actually hime lolita, they're still inspiring to me. That's all for now. Birthday's in a few days and I hope to definitely have something to share.

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 exp needed for next level up.

Oh yes I soon will be hitting 26 and to be honest I'm still feeling more awake and aware than ever. I have many posts I want to do, but I'm still working out the work vs social life thing lol. I've only had one social outing since I started working. But what can you do. Now today was a bit annoying because I had to get my brother a screen for his chromebook. 60 bucks. As if my check wasn't short enough. Not anyone's fault it's just how my days had worked out. Then I went out and spent more than intended. My rent will just have to be given all next pay check. -sighs-

At any rate. I will be applying for my first credit card. Which will help me in a lot of ways. Like you don't even understand. And I'm about to embark on an epic amount of sewing. I think I'll wait till the end of the month before I do another haul Post. I may even start doing some vids as well. We'll see. I don't know what I could offer vid wise honestly I guess maybe I can do an intro plus some Q&A so if you have any questions you want me to answer in a vid leave them in the comments.

I still need to work on my terrible habits. I haven't been binging...but my eating habits have been really terrible and since I keep no cash on hand I have yet to go to the gym.. ugh. I just need to stop putting it off and just go. I'll just have to work around my schedule as best I can. And set aside money just to take the bus. I think 30 for two weeks should be good. u____u

Also gonna sell a few pairs of my shoes. That haven't been worn. Two pairs I can't really fit which breaks my heart but they'll be better going off to good homes instead of collecting dust in my closet. Also gonna sell a wig that I don't wear. It'll be for the best and it's a little extra money in my pocket.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

You are so wrong.

G_S this week has shown so much fuckery. The mod should be ashamed and the anonymous cowards should go bathe in acid. If you are a non-black or brown person who is into Gyaru and you tan. Not a word better come out of your mouth about Black girls/women can't be gyaru or can't do it right. Fuck you. We are this color by birth and you have to bake and color yourselves to have the beautiful tones we come in. And a majority of the time you come out fucking orange and haven't the slightest clue on how to wear the proper makeup to go with it. For those of you throwing fucking shade with "Oh light skin women are prettier." Fuck y'all too. I have seen some ugly light skin women and I have seen ugly dark skin women. Just like I've seen ugly in just about every other race. What I can't stand most is the hypocrites who insist on breathing every minute of the day. Don't ever say you're not racist because you have black friends. Either you giving them the damn koolaid or you wouldn't ever say this shit where they can hear or read it. Because your ass would get beat. What some of the caucasian non-racist folk who say we turn everything into a racist thing. WE don't, it's usually non-black people who initiate the shit and then get mad when we call them, give them the fucking facts that didn't come from wikipedia. Most especially from white americans. "OMG Isis no, why would you say that, what about the white people?" I don't hate white people. I hate racists and ignorant wastes of space who contribute nothing but hate. Gyaru is not sacred, everyone can do it. I'm not gonna sugar coat. It isn't a look everyone can pull off the looks, but it's no real excuse to attempt excluding or chase out a single group of girls because you don't like them. And before anyone says "Oh but white people get told they can't wear binidi or Native American headdresses etc etc." News flash, these are not fashion items, these items have history, are part of a culture and often sacred to their particular culture. But you because it looks cool and we don't care about any of the other stuff that's attached to it, gonna wear it anyway and simultaneously shame those who these pieces belong to. Racists in G_S go choke on a rhinestone .