Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breaking and Making some rules.

So I have most definitely decided to do Hime gyaru. I may have said this some posts back, but I'm gonna go a bit more into depth. I really do enjoy the aesthetic and lovely dresses. Though it isn't really an everyday type of thing. However the idea of all that shiny fabric for dresses ain't gonna fly. And can be highly unflattering. And There is also trying to distinguish what would be considered Hime Gyaru enough. I do intend to break a few rules. It's not about being a rebel or anything like that. It's about being able to wear clothes that are flattering. Now I know Petticoats are not really a thing for Hime Gyaru. Just a personal preference. I like the poof. And I think it can easily pass as one fashion or another. I prefer a non OTT style as well. I think simplicity is can still be elegant, and the dramatic pieces should be left to one or two things in particular. i.e dramatic hair and maybe some heavier makeup. But 3 billion bows is much...well that's an exaggeration of course, but sometimes that many bows is really fucking tacky and you end up looking like a fool. This of course is just my personal opinion I also have to think about the lengths of my skirts and dresses. Too short and with my err current weight....I would definitely be asking for it in terms of  being blasted out on the street and in the online community.

Hair is also another concern of mine....or more appropriately a place where I'll probably break some rules. I have an undercut which can be a little challenging. Summer is pretty much a no with me and wigs right now. It'll be way too damn hot to even do anything beyond maybe a photoshoot. Not to mention getting it to stay in position would be kinda challenging.  Now I can work around this with a weave more or less. Plenty of ways to protect my hair and still have something to play with. But I won't have the traditional hime gyaru hairstyles. While it is obviously a more recognizable, It isn't for everyone, and 5 hair pieces is not my idea of fun. And I want to be able to do hair that isn't gonna take entirely too long to do on a regular basis. Yes not very Gyaru of me, but I'm for practicality and ease in as many places as possible. If I can make my hair less of a task I can put more effort into other places. Like my make up. Which isn't terrible, but right now it'll probably be something that takes me a little longer to do. And considering at this stage in my life where I have a standard wear at my job which I can't really change. Even if I make it look work apron isn't cute lol. And I don't know if I could get away with altering it or something.

Now to make this post less texty here are some clothing inspirations :3

I know some of these are actually hime lolita, they're still inspiring to me. That's all for now. Birthday's in a few days and I hope to definitely have something to share.


  1. Happy early Birthday Gemini!! (Almost all my family on my mother's side are Geminis lol)

    " I do intend to break a few rules. It's not about being a rebel or anything like that. It's about being able to wear clothes that are flattering."

    I so agree with this and I support you all the way. The reason why I don't do a lot of things fashion wise is usually because it's not flattering to me personally. If I don't feel pretty wearing something what is the point of me wearing it? To fit in? I'll pass,lol.

    1. It's also a personal preference. I mean aside from not having the proper fit some of those dresses are just so gaudy and I don't want to look like a clue. If Gyaru started as a way to rebel against the standards of Japanese Beauty a person should be interpret it and make it work for them. Having brand or dupes/look a a likes in your size does not an outfit ( or gyaru in this case) make. And thank you for the early birthday wishes. :3

    2. What does look like a clue mean?

      And you are welcome for the birthday wishes! :D

    3. I didn't even see my typo. I meant look like a clown X3;;