Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodness it's been a long time

So it’s a brand new year and we all that know it means new resolutions..

But before we get to that, I’d like to do a review of last year.


It was quite the year of positive things; while I didn’t really get around to improving on style, not just gyaru but everyday style in general. However let’s focus on the positive. I managed to find a job. And even better somewhere I’d been trying to get hired to for three years.  Even when we have crazy days, I still like working there.  In the summer, I started a relationship with one of my rp partners, and she’s quite the little darling. My Pastel Princess Bubblegum; the date escapes me ( I am so sorry ; A; Anni)


I also started college. Now it took me for quite the loop, but it was only first semester and the second semester will be mine.
It has been difficult to time for social time. But I think that will be changing. The great thing about school is the ability to change my availability at work. Though I will still have 4 days of school this upcoming semester. I will be taking three days off from work. I do have school on those particular days, but have the added work from school for game design class. Which will include meetings. But more about that later.
My parents have been very supportive. My dad not only got me a new drawing tablet. A Wacom intuos pro. I've gotten a desktop and for Christmas a slim 1TB hard drive which will come in very handy. I've made some new friends in school and gotten to know some of my co-workers better.

I will do a large post of the gets from school till Christmas, including my growing collection of patterns.
Sorry I don't really have any year end selfies to present I took like...none.

Now for a rant; in the past year, my kid brother got a girlfriend. Which I have nothing against…but I highly dislike her. She needs her edges snatched and her mouth smacked. I wish a bitch would, southern girl about to get a straight talking to that Jesus and Buddha cannot save her from. While I have not really had to deal with many basic and not caring that they're ignorant as fuck people. I really do not have the time for anymore. I know it's unavoidable, but goddamn. We gonna leave it as a short rant.



So on to the resolutions and plans for the year:

Now of course two of the most important ones are keeping my job and doing well in school.


More personal ones: get back on losing weight, I know it will be challenging. I know there are people who can it’s just making the time. But I want to gain strength and confidence to post more full body shots. (Seriously avoid them like the plague if I’m not taking the photo)
But this I will also be focused on actually taking the time to be dressed and do my makeup. That was the plan for my first semester...but I was truly unprepared in that aspect. I lacked the right clothes let alone the time neccessary to get dressed and make sure I had all my books and a slew of other things. Makeup was the last thing on my mind, when I was just about rolling out of bed every morning. But Planning planning planning.

To take time out for spiritual growth and practicing my craft, I haven’t dressed or even cleansed my spiritual spaces in quite some time, and they definitely could use it.
I want to take out time to do more sewing. Even if it's only one hour a day.
So about plans:
I am planning a few trips this year. Spring Break which will be in New York with a couple of friends and my girlfriend.  Hoping that maybe I'll see a couple of you Gals there.
Sakura Matsuri D.C with my bestie.
Otakon which again will be with friends and girlfriend. Gonna work hard so I can cosplay.  But I will also be seeing friends who I haven't seen in a very long time.
Anni wants to plan an over seas trip....which means I need to save which is another resolution of mine....when you have a job hard not to buy all the shiny things you find I need to plan for things I really want, but don't particularly need ( mostly style things).
And I would really like to learn how to drive. Even if I have to share a car, not being able to drive is really a pain in my ass. Hoping to take care of that before the month is out. Although I'm terrified to take lessons from my dad and brother.
I will be updating my blog more regularly, and giving it a makeover. Probably will update my button as well.  Think I will desginate a certain day just to update my blog. Well until next time.