Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hello there

So it's definitely been awhile since my last post. Most of it I have been working with the exception of last week. Had 5 days off which threw me for a bit of a loop.
At any rate I have done some shopping and wanted to show off my more prominent gets. One week I spent quite a bit on neccessites which took a toll on my funds. However I do love my new sheets. I There are a few things I forgot to take pictures of like, my new lip products ( not all of them are lipsticks) and my new lenese which have yet to be worn. I had meant to try them out over the weekend but rushing and unpreparedness is probably my weekness right now. ORZ. Still have had little social time despite how much time I've had off. Kinda sucks, but this has been my reality as of late. Still have yet to do some school shopping too. Or even think of what kind of outfit I wan to wear for my first day of class. My mind have been riddled with ideas. I want to attempt to make my own mukluks from a pair of old boots. Now on to the
Ginger Honey and this awesome candle holder. Crystal Skull. Who's got it now Indaian Jones ( I am dork and sadly that is the only Indiana Jones  movie I have seen ._______. )
 A witch can never have too many bottles. I am gonna decorate them and then fill them with special things. I think some protection oils are in order. Seriously though it's an addiction.
New hair and face products. Hair products from left to right. Chi Keratin Mist, some argon oil and John Frieda frizz-ease. To continue on. I went to Ulta...and I need to go back for the nyx stuffs and various other items. But that's the concealer. then I have some H2O eye serum and Yes to Carrots face moisturizer. SPF 15. Good for the face. I have yet to try out my concealer but I love everything else. Then those are 3 pair of my reading glasses. I have quite a few squarish frames. Looking to get more maybe some round ones, and def more colors.
 I've not owned flats in some time. While I could stand to get a more neutral pair. I absolutely love them. They're cute. I had to get a size up from what I typically wear since my feet are a little wide >____> but they're comfy and that's all that matters right now.
My birthday was some time ago, and my mama got a book on dressmaking. It's very helpful and I've become less err stubborn in the process which can me one thing. 

 I get patterns when they go on sale at my Job. The first and seconds ones are current project. To be more specific on the first butterick pattern I'm doing the white top, and on the pattern in the middle I' doing the red dress ( first one on the bottom) The second butterick pattern will be what I'm doing after the first two are done. The second blue dress to be exact. And I'm making 3 of them, In different colors....for me XD. I don't really have the confidence to make clothes for anyone else outside of skirts and elastic waist pants....maybe some knit tops, fitted anyway.
 There's about 20 patterns in that drawer.....I don't think I have a problem >>....I can't wait to get my hands on some of the halloween patterns though. They dresses are so lovely. I'm thinking I may get some accessories patterns as well. I saw some cute belt bags ( I don't know if this is the right term, but some steam punk stuff is too fucking expensive so making my own would be cool and fun.
Of course the grand piece. My own Hookah. Looks like a second person could indulge with me, but for right now, it'll be me and a good day off. I got mint tobacco to go with it, though I've plenty of other herbs I could use. It's not really big either. Maybe 10 inches in height, though it's just a guesstimate right now. Looking forward to this weekend. 

I've also gotten a second cactus. I'll have pictures of them next time, but I've got like a neon pink one and a blood red one. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. 

That's all for the time being. Hoping one day soon to have more social time and hopefully pictures will be included ( I never have anything planned so I'm almost never ready ; A; )  I'll also be sure to post my projects when they're finished ^____^