Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A review, two attempts and some gets

For the sake of laziness and time I'm not gonna edit these pictures with watermarks. Just wanted to show you my attempts at some gal makes ( two separate occasions) some new makeup I have purchased and a review of two foundations.  First the gets :

L.A Colors haul from Dollar General

I like the bottom lipstick a lot better than the top one which is like a frosty  orange pinky color that looks odd on me 

from walmart a maybelline lipstick ( that's frost pink) maybelline fit in 355 and also their  dream
nude airfoam 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Gal Inspiration

So I wanna take the time to at least post some of the Gals that inspire me. They are in no particular order and I chose them because while they're into the style they're not so " I have to get my look exactly like that". They exude what I feel it is to be Gyaru while being true to themselves. The hair the clothes and makeup fits who they are and not necessarily what is shown in a magazine or is cookie cutter. And I'm more inspired by Gaijin Gyaru, than models in a magazine.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hair Tutorial

I was asked for this a couple weeks back, it took me a bit. But here it is. I want to say to everyone that this is only my second pictorial so it's not that....err snazzy looking lol, but I hope it helps you all the same. I would also like to say that results may vary from person to person as not all hair textures are the same and not every one has the same length of hair. And to keep the tutorial as short as possible I only showed photos of me doing the last section but the tutorial applies to all 4 sections. If you have any questions please let me know. :D

Friday, February 17, 2012

Really Xiaxue? Well fuck you too.

WTF are you yabbering about? I don't blog with an agenda to make people hate Adele, these are simply my thoughts. Whether people hate her or not has no bearing on me.

Lovely work with the quotes? That sentence had no comma, it cannot be misinterpreted. Where you put that comma has no bearing on the meaning. Where did you learn English?

RE: Karl - Nowhere in the article did I say he is a good guy or even that he agrees with my POV. All I'm mentioning is the current controversy and my views towards it. Who the fuck cares what he hates or criticises?!

RE: Gywneth. As a diehard Adele fan, all you see is that this article was meant to diss Adele. It isn't. It is about how fat people are hating on the skinny and how Adele is simply one of them. In fact, a good 50% of the article does not mention Adele at all.

RE: Mag covers - they don't show how she is trying to be a skinny girl. They show what a hypocrite she is, claiming to be above superficiality and vanity and she is all about body-acceptance and talent, but yet she is just ONE OF THEM, no better than Gaga or Katy.

And fuck your fat acceptance movement.

We already cannot speak freely our views about certain races, religions, or political views. Now your fucking fat acceptance movement wants to force people to say that fat people are fucking gorgeous too. That fat girls have more personality and depth than skinny vain girls with no boobs. NO. You can keep telling yourself that, but I'm not gonna be politically correct and patronise/lie to you. Let people form their own fucking opinions on what they find sexy, please.

It's one thing to tell people not to be mean to fatties, but to force fatties to be on magazine covers and be PROUD of their lard and blubber? NO. I don't think it's right. It's fucking unhealthy and it's promoting laziness and shortcuts. Being fat is not like affirmative action where you help the discriminated because they cannot help being a certain race. You fucking just have to lose your fats before you get on Playboy or Sports Illustrated - THERE IS NO SHORTCUTS. Get a cover coz of what? Pity? Political correctness? What's this, a charity?

So yes fuck your fat acceptance movement, and fuck Adele.

Thank you for the praise on my advertorials and on my writing, and have a nice day.

This was a reply she left for someone who commented on her recent rant about Adele....for someone who is really pissy about some of the things Adele said about skinny people ( much of which is taken out of context or read wrong) do you think you're better than Adele when you just said fuck Fat Acceptance. So what Adele can't say shit about skinny people. But fat people should be told they need to lose weight if they want to get ahead in life? Because I'm not understanding your logic here. You should really be ashamed of yourself and see that you're really a hypocrite. Some people are happy being fat, chubby what have you. No matter what size a person is they should be allowed to feel beautiful whether they're happy where they're at or in the process of trying to change. They should be allowed to feel fucking beautiful. Should I go around criticizing people who have had plastic surgery and saying that we should accept it because it made them more beautiful? I mean for fucks sake somewhere along the line I think you lost who you were and that statement alone is enough to show what kind of person you really are. And perhaps a bit of self-hate. My personal view is that people should accept that a majority of America is not those super thin girls everyone sees on television. Much of mass media says that you're not good enough at a size 6 (unless you have good curves) let alone anything size 10 and upwards. Now no lie. I don't feel good at my current weight and I work hard trying to get healthier. I'm not blaming my weight on bad genes, though there is some underlying issue that is making it even more difficult for me to lose weight. I'm not lazy, I typically stay away from fast food, but I try. When I leave my house dressed up, I feel pretty damn good. I try to dress for my size and try to keep in style ( what ever it is I like at the moment) I don't try to fit into the smallest size I think won't rip, but I guess that's not good enough though. I shouldn't accept that. I should just hole up and work out till I vomit or pass out and continue on that path till I lose weight till people like you think I'm acceptable for the world. Please. I'm gonna do what ever it takes to get healthy but I'm not doing it to be accepted by anyone whether they're online or in the fucking street. No one said that fat people had more personality but I'm sure they have a lot more personality than you do. Please save you're ranting and anger for real issues.

Oh and before anyone says I'm hating on her because she's thinner than me or whatever. No I'm not. I think she's pretty. But I don't judge a person on how good looking they are. I judge their actions and what they say. She can pretty all day long but she has just as much a shit attitude as Adele then yes? Although anyone who thinks logically can understand that Adele simply wants to make music and she's not here to bounce around half naked for anyone. She's showing that you don't have to be so cookie cutter thin and the ideal perfection to be something. And this should open the door for the young men and especially young women who are talented and want to share that with the world.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I really need to go outside lol

I seriously spend a lot of time in my house. Which isn't too bothersome but I could stand to go out side a little more often. Need some damn sun. Err I still have to work on this hair tutorial, but I have been starting to plant herbs. A week ago I filed my taxes and they should be here within in the two weeks. With some of it I plan on buying some herbs and opening an Etsy shop. I will fill everyone in with more details about that later. To make this post less boring I will show you what I have really been doing over the course of the last few weeks, besides mild tv watching <___<;;; 

 This isn't everything. The rest can be found on my Deviant Art Account 
I'm still going strong and right now bouncing around with style so my work can be varied. I don't like things to be stagnant. I like semi-realism to fantasy to anime style. And Anime styles are the most challenging for me to do, even though that's where I started, because I've progressed it doesn't come as easily as one might think. And back then I didn't make it a point to try keeping myself in range to draw it if I wanted. But anime style has many looks and though I see a lot of overly Moe Moe Kyun Kyun anime I'm trying to embrace it a little more as well as the less Ultra Kawaii styles of anime.