Friday, June 15, 2012

ooh long time no write

So I've been better for months now, but I haven't had much desire to do anything. I have no friends who live close by, no job, no money. So it's mainly been trying to find work and being a hermit most of the time. I draw off and on and going to be sewing again soon. Currently enthralled in the Legend of Korra fandom that I even have a fan character ^^ and Bolin is just too cute for my feels. 25 now. Birthday was Tuesday trying to find a way to do what I want and get out on my own. I haven't even practiced any type of makeup. But I'm gonna try changing that. Although I don't really have any place to go or anyone to see. I also desperately hate the new layout of blogspot BLEH. I can assume that my family is going to hound me over my love life ( well lack there of) -sighs- although I would probably agree that it is rather sad u_u;. Will hopefully have a more exciting post in a few days or so.