Monday, May 27, 2013

So I've been shopping > u>

I really enjoy having money to spend. I try o be as frugal as possible. It can be quite difficult. Between things I need to buy and of course the wants. It's a struggle. But I'm getting better. My account wasn't a 0 so that's great. And it's not been at 0 since I opened the account. Direct deposit has finally kicked in, but I'm probably gonna have to call them about that 100 that was supposed to go in there for opening an account and setting up direct deposit. Anyway onward with the good stuff. eBay is still addictive. Though I'm worlds better I still have a ways to go. Also target is hard to pass up. I actually bought some clothes....well one piece of clothing. I have a love hate relationship with buying clothes in a store since I'm horrendously frugal when it comes to clothes. But I'm opening my mind to new things. That I've openly stated my dislike for.

Starting with a clutch. Now I really dislike having such a small bag, but I'm aware that some situations will call for it. This little gothic bag is sweet though. It's not too small it can hold the essentials and maybe even a makeup bag. But it's not as large as my smallest purse. I had been eyeing the bag for awhile and was happy that I could finally get my hands on one.

Details of the handles. Cannot wait to take this bag out. 

Yes that is the watch and earrings from my last post. but we're
gonna focus on the glasses in the back. 
Next are my little gothic sunnies. Now I actually bought these a few weeks ago. These would be great if the frames were silver. But gold and silver can be worn together. Nu goth is probably what comes to mind or very old school goth, maybe late 80's early 90's And they're mine. Only 5 bucks.

And here we have a peplum skirt...Now I was originally going to make one. I desperately dislike them. Like... you have no idea. All I see is a double skirt happening. But I decided to give it a try. It would be well suited for Onee gyaru. whether classic or something with a little twist. I did try it on when I got home. And it looks...really good on me. Not that I was surprised. It's just my dislike of the peplum itself. Maybe one day I'll grow to love them.

Just a snippet of the pattern and the little border towards
the Bottom. It's longer than picture and shirred
at the top. 
                                                                         With summer lurking around the corner. I expect to work most of it, however for the days I can go out. I need some cute wear for the summer. So from my job I bought this cute instant wear fabric in orange. I'm a nerd so all I see are airbender colors lol. But This will be more than a dress. though. With the shirring I can wear it as a dress, a skirt. But few other ways. . I am going to put buttons on the front and back, so I can convert it to pants. Depending on how I wear it, it can be a romper. Wide leg pants, Harem/Afghani pants. I've a few more things to make it such. Psyched about this.

As always some jewelry. Got these earrings on clearance. They're so nice. Gold since that is the summer color and it will go nicely with the orange multi-function piece when it's all done. The detail reminds me a lot Journey and something slightly religious.

Can I say I really fucking love E.L.F products. I got a couple new things to try. And will be doing reviews on  them asap. Definitely think the mascara and shadow shield will def be helpful. Also picked up some more fit me foundation, which is just a shade lighter. This is entirely for doing Gothic makeup. It will def be used a lot it in winter.

I've also managed to get some cowboy boots. I adore them. but not the color. So I intend to paint them, maybe make them a little darker. Maybe mahogany. We'll see. Even Black would nice. They were only 26 at Marshalls. I almost got some more pallets by E.L.F. from there as well. But with some makeup on the way plus my recent purchases...They can wait. Next week will be more for definite needs. And Marshalls did not disappoint and I'll be going back next week.

Now to keep this more fun. I 've got some funnels which are much needed to finish my kombucha which at this point is alcohol and will be great for my days off. I've also discovered how to make other fermented drinks which I look forward to making. Thank goodness I love ginger lol.

One of my other good gets is my gym membership, I haven't gone yet aside from picking up my tag. Need to figure out a schedule  on going there for the time being. When school hits, it'll just be a matter of careful planning.

 Until the next time Gals. Birthday is coming up soon and I can't wait.


  1. I hate having to wait for direct deposit to kick in. :( But at least it's there! And I love the stuff. :)

  2. I'm still waiting for my new stuff to come (rofls) well i love all the stuff you ordered, especially those boots, their very cute.